Valparaiso, Chile

They are in charge of the interior of the yacht and have a similar role to a steward/ess, but on a more senior level. The Chief Steward/ess manages and recruits the interior staff and reports directly to the Captain. 
The most important aspect of the Chief Steward/ess role is his/her attention to detail. This type of position requires the ability to think ahead, provide a service before the guest makes the request and to anticipate events before they happen. Most importantly, you must exhibit the ability to discreetly serve guests in a luxury 7-star manner.
As with any job on a superyacht this is not a 9-5  role, particularly when the owner or guests are on board. Work can be needed at any time, day or night. Days are often long and hard, but your time off will often be in parts of the world most people aspire to. Be open minded, flexible and ready to accept new and varied challenges each day.


  • Food service, including providing silver service

  • Drink service and bar tending

  • Overseeing the cleaning and polishing of accommodation

  • Cabin preparation

  • Flower arranging

  • Obtaining local currency

  • Arranging trips, transport and other similar events for guests or the owner

  • General yacht operations

Once established in a Chief Steward/ess role, he/she may elect to move into a Purser role. This is a highly administrative position that is found only on very large yachts. It requires a strong background in everything from service to administration and crew management.
Required Skills and Experience

The Chief Steward/ess will normally have experience in more junior roles, but for top-end superyachts they may have experience as a butler. There are no specific qualifications, but a background in food and drink, hospitality and catering or customer service is an advantage.