Assistant Bartender

Valparaiso, Chile

Job Responsibilities

Request proof of identity to verify age of guest before serving alcoholic drinks to guests that appear to be underage

Have the ability and confidence to discontinue serving
alcohol to specific guests as necessary

Maintain USPH sanitation and cleanliness standards throughout work area

Practices up-selling and suggestive selling techniques

Additional duties may include working in the Crew bar, delivering Guest drinks, stocking the bar, doing dishes in absence of the Beverage

Steward, cleaning tabletops, bar tops, and all other areas within the bar

Skill test required

 Beverage Skills Test

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Top 4

  • Open/close Guest bar and service bars as assigned

  • Responsible for beverage inventories and beverage control

  • Responsible for achieving revenue and cost target

  • Sanitation and cleaning of bar equipment


Experience, Qualifications

Education, Licenses

Minimum one to two years experience working as a Bartender within a high volume experience

Ship experience preferred

Flair bartending experience preferred

Knowledge of international cocktail recipes and international alcohol brands required

Should have an outgoing personality

Limited Benefits

On contract coverage only

Protection and Indemnity

(Maintenance and Cure) coverage, for illnesses and/or injuries while in the service of the ship

Death benefit for dependents


New hire organizes and pays

for first one way ticket



Shared – 1 roommate


Average Contract Length

6 months on/2 months off

Privilege level


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Ten en cuenta que bajo ninguna circunstancia se solicitará dinero para facilitar el proceso de reclutamiento.