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What is a Yacht Stewardess? 

A yacht stewardess (yacht stew) is an entry-level position to working onboard a superyacht. A Yacht stewardess is responsible for the maintenance of the interior of the superyacht and providing the highest standard оf hоѕрitаlitу аnd ѕеrviсе in line with the owners and/or guests expectations.


  •  Only women

  • Fluent english 

  • Previous experience on board or hotels

  • STCW courses 

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What Does a Yacht Stewardess Do?

Depending on the size of the yacht, there are between 1 and 5+ yacht stewardess. The duties and responsibilities as a yacht stewardess will vary with the size of the yacht and number of crew on the yacht. Your first job as a stewardess on a larger size yacht will consist of learning the basic duties of a stewardess. Crew Mess duties, detailing, cleaning windows, polishing is high on the agenda to keep the yacht in immaculate condition at all times.

Onboard a smaller yacht with a smaller number of stewardess, responsibilities will increase to more hands-on duties such as; tender driving, anchoring, mooring procedures, assist within the galley or deck operations.

The workload varies depending on the yacht, season, itinerary and whether you have guests onboard. The busiest times are usually pre-season, boat shows or guest arrivals and whilst guests are onboard. A yacht stewardess position on a superyacht requires energetic professionals and as you’ll be constantly on your feet. Whilst guests are not on board its common to have a normal 8-5 schedule with weekends off if working fulltime. If there is a trip or event with guests, hours will be much longer, and work will be much more demanding.

What are the responsibilities of a Yacht Stewardess?

Providing 5-star service to guests and ensuring guest satisfaction

Providing excellent guest service, silver service and bartending skills when needed

Maintaining laundry, housekeeping and wardrobe tasks for both guests and yacht crew

Floral arrangements and decorations

Excellent knowledge of fine dining, wines and cocktails

Maintenance of guest-cabin care and detailed cleaning

Assisting with inventory and restocking provisions

Watchkeeping within the crew mess

Stowage for sea

Attention to detail

To maintain a safe and secure environment